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Directive 2010/32/EU

Bandiera EUOn May 11th 2013 a new directive on wound and closed wounds published back in June 2010 by the European Union has entered into force. This directive meets the needs of a complete prevention programme for all the aspects concerning the work environment and it involves both the operators and the managers.
This directive concerns all the workers in hospitals who provide homecare assistance in retirement homes , dental and medical offices.
The aim of this law is to provide the safest possible work environment avoiding as far as possible injuries brought by wounds caused by sharp tools such as needlesticks.
It establishes that any risk stemming from open or closed wounds or infections is eliminated.
The European States were granted time to meet these requirements by the end of May 2013.
In order to reduce to the minimum the risks related to the usage of medical blunt tools, the law establishes:

The tools used must have safety measures incorporated
And efficient staff training system
Efficient work procedures
An organized and proper work staff
Local, National, and European notification systems
Prohibition of recapping needles

Click here to download the pdf of the Directive 2010/32/UE

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